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One of our favorite FishTuber's Jess is a delight who is constantly helping to promote new FishTube channels and the aquarium community

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We built FishTuber.com to give back to the aquarium YouTube society. This place is for you and made by your ideas.

Kevin Leong

Kevin is an all around great guy who is always there to give a live stream a little more character. He keeps streams moving while keeping up with chat.

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Help us make this place better and we'll put you right here

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Help us make this place better and we'll put you right here

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LIVE SCHEDULE APRIL 26 – MAY 2 MONDAY LIVE STREAMS: -Father Fish 9:00e -Aqua Morning Jess 10:30e -Big J 1:30e -Brianne’s Fish Fam 4:00e -Corvus Oscan 4:00e -Aquarium Coop 6:00e -Mobb Guppy 7:00e -Steenfott Aquatics 8:00e -Down The Bayou 10:00e -Fishybizz Aquatics 10:00e TUESDAY LIVE STREAMS: -Father Fish 9:00e -AquaMorningShowRo10:30e -Pegasiata Rena 5:00e -Rikostan 6:30e…

1 year ago 2 Comments

6 Things Not to Throw Away if You Have a Planted Aquarium Written by Mridul Singh   Planted tanks can sometimes be expensive, especially when you have to buy many things to maintain your tank. Here are some everyday items you should consider saving from the dustbin and adding to your maintenance arsenal, along with…

1 year ago no Comment

Hi, My name is jen. I tend to look at the things in my life from many different angles. My Fish Room is no exception. I have been keeping freshwater community fish tanks for 25 years. I decided to dive into the deep end and began keeping saltwater tanks about 2 years ago. I have…

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We have just added a section under your profile called frequently used links this will allow you to keep all the links you use during stream moderation in one place. We have also added a section called important links to all users accounts that will allow you to find a users important links on the…

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User blogs is a feature of the site you should take advantage of as often as possible. By posting a user blog you attract attention to your profile and your channel and it will bring you new subscribers. It also helps other FishTubers find you and make contact. You can post whatever you like (within…

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FishTuber.com is in progress but we have already laid the groundwork for you to participate. Let’s call it a pre-release release. We’re working in the background for you all the time, updating text, adding images, creating features but that shouldn’t stop you from getting busy. So go ahead and create your profile, join some groups,…

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