#Fishfam Community Newsletter is In Your Inbox

#Fishfam Community Newsletter is In Your Inbox

I sent out the July/August Newsletter last night. If you have signed up at my website, it was sent to you.

However, if you Opted OUt to receive emails, I can not guarantee that you received it. May have subscribed but have opted out to receive emails from me. So go back to the website and update your preferences. If you give me permission, I might be able to adjust it. Not sure.

I included the Fishfam Christmas Give Away with Rikostan,but didn’t have information about the Secret Santa. Jess is going to give me the info and I will send out a Landing Page Announcement About it. Look for it and I hope you enjoy it.

No articles were submitted so I just gave a little information and shared one youtuber this edition.

send those articles and short stories about the hobby or a species of fish or anything related to the hobby to: [email protected]


#FishFam Mom <3

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